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Tenders for Building & Constructions

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Time Remaining
building construction Closed 463704804
building construction Closed 463704598
building construction Closed 463704430
building construction Closed 463704646
Modern equipment for wells Closed 763405779
Shelter construction Closed 463704368
Shelter construction Closed 463704172
Wellhead parts Closed 463704580
Maintenance services Closed 463704681
Store Building Facilities Closed 463704384
Cobblestone streets Closed 463704235
Civil Work Closed 463704891
BUT main road west gate Closed 463704384
Establish new building Closed 463704946
Add room and Tank Workshop Closed 463704186
Established appliance stores Closed 463704793
Established appliance stores Closed 463704409
Building 80 homes Closed 463704169
Created Sheds Closed 463704353
Created building Closed 463704530