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Tenders for Training & Development

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Time Remaining
agency Closed 823174139
Invitation for Bids Closed 333275927
Signal tower repair Closed 953121903
Office Stationary Closed 90652668
IT Equipment Closed 823174398
Tender for Hotel Services Closed 823174751
Call for Tender Closed 333275248
Ticketing Services Closed 823174685
International Consultant Closed 333275914
International Consultant 00 Closed 333275963
International Consultant Closed 333275672
Individual Consultant Closed 333275915
Pumps Fuel equipment Closed 365816909
Internet Service Closed 953121444
National Consultant 00 Closed 333275726
Insurance multiple benefits Closed 333275405
Urban Planning Specialist 00 Closed 333275836
Urban Planning Specialist Closed 333275615
Contract cable production Closed 823174622
Electronic Ministry project Closed 551341992
Electronic Ministry project Closed 551341626
Various services Closed 82317457
Wood sale Closed 37554963
Internet service processing Closed 953121808