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How to bid Iraqi Tenders Page

What is required? 

      It is required to submit bids for the works as detailed under job description in the name of: Bids shall be submitted to the tenderer /Legal Dept. – Tenders in closed, sealed envelope bearing the tender’s name and number, with the bidding form to be  filled out by bidder. The prices shall be stated in writing and in figures. All pages of the tender documents shall be signed and the blanks shall be filled as necessary. Writing and all numbers shall be clear, free of rubbing out.

The price in writing, in the event of difference from the price in figures, shall be relied on.

What Common Documents should accompany the Bid?  

 The bid shall be accompanied with all tender documents required in the tender notice. The Bidder shall, also, have its bid accompanied with the following documents:

Copy of the Rating ID issued by the Ministry of Planning (valid), (the new plastic form)

  • Copy of the Contractors’ Association ID (renewed)
  • Incorporation certificate for the companies, and the professional license for the contractors (both valid).
  • Original Tax Clearance Letter from the General Commission for Taxes, addressed to the tender (Valid)
  • Documents receipt voucher (tender fee when it is purchased) (valid).
  • The companies and contractors shall submit a price breakdown for the items of the bid submitted by them, to be studied in the analysis
  • The bids of companies and contracts shall clearly state the following addresses
    1. Company’s full address, to contains place coordinates, telephone number and email
    2. Full address of and landmarks to the residence of the company’s executive manager

Note: The content of Item p (1&2) shall be relied on in making notifications and correspondences. When address is changed, the new address should be notified

Following requirements are not valid for all tenders but for very specific tenders. Please see your tender notices for knowing if any of the below is required.

  • Reference list of similar works executed by the bidder, certified by the competent bodies
  • List of machines and equipment’s (certified by the competent bodies) and the technical staff of experts of the bidder.
  • The final accounts for the last three years, in addition to the final accounts that include the expenditures and revenues of the similar works projects submitted by the contractor, certified by a chartered accountant.
  • Certified check or a letter of guarantee issued from a recognized bank in Iraq (of the full bid bond) of 1% of the bid price (in ID), addressed to the order of the tenderer, valid for 3 months. Failure to submit the same, the bid shall be disregarded. Knowing that the certified check issued from a private bank shall not exceed five million (5,000,000) ID, as instructed
  • Partnership contract in the event there is a partner (duly notarized)
  • Copy of the residence card
  • Latest Bank statement, certified by the bank (sealed by the bank)
  • Details of living means which the contractor (if non-Iraqi) intends to provide for its non-Iraqi personnel in Iraq

What Information on Bidders required?

Bids submitted by non-Iraqi companies shall be accompanied with the documents of the company formation and the documents of the authority, powers and nationalities of their representative officers, and the BOD members and their nationalities for the joint stock companies, and holders of share capital for the other companies, with a certified copy of the article of association or the partnership contract and the last year’s final accounts.

Method of Work:

For some tenders the bidders might be required to state in their bids the work progress method and the details and types of equipment they intend to use in executing the work.

Work Completion Period:

Unless the tenderer determines the work completion period in the tender documents, bidders shall state in their bids the period for completing the work. The bidder to whom the tender is awarded shall complete works within such period.

Bid Bond:

  1. Bidder shall submit a bid bond for participation in the tender as per item (2-I) of these Instructions.
  2. The tenderer shall keep the bid bond until final approval. Bidder may request returning the bid bond upon the end of the said period or upon signing the form of contract, whichever occurs first.
  3. The penalty of delay shall be according to the formula defined in the tender : Normally it is calculated : Penalty = (Contract Price / Term of Contract) ×10%
  4. The max. Amount of the penalty of delay is ten percent (10%) of the Contract Price.
  5. The contract period of execution is                (           ) days.
  6. Expenditure is classified on (             /           /           )
  7. The contractor to whom tender is awarded bears the expenses of publishing the announcement on newspapers and other media.

Bid Validity Period:

   Bid shall be valid and binding to the bidder as of the closing date of the tender until the final approval.

Bidder should have access to the necessary information:

Bidder, before submitting its bid, and despite the information that may be contained in the tender documents, shall themselves investigate the nature of work and the circumstance surrounding it. They, in general, shall have access to the information on all matters that, in one way or another, may have effect on the obligations of the bidder to whom the tender is awarded or on the financial balance of the contract or due to the risks which may obstruct work. Any negligence, delay or default by bidder in obtaining the information to be relied on with respect to what is mentioned above or any other issues does not release the bidder to whom the tender is awarded from the risks and obligations or from the responsibility for completing works within the period specified and according to the process stated in the bid.

Work as a Whole:

Only the bids for the entire work are accepted. No bid for a certain part of the work shall be accepted, unless stated otherwise in the tender documents.

Bidding Deadline:

Bid should be submitted under the bidding form on closing day and time as stated on the tnder notice. Bidders shall consider sending their bids well before the stated date to allow the arrival of the registered mail, unless stated otherwise in the tender documents. No bid after the deadline shall be accepted, whatever the cause of delay in sending it was.

Contract Execution:

The contractor whose bid is accepted by the tenderer shall attend within 7 days as of the date of notifying it with the decision of award for signing the form of contract, and submit a performance bond as per the conditions of contract. In the event of failure by contractor to fulfil the same, the tenderer may give notice accordingly, and when no response is made, it may confiscate the bid bond and execute the work at its account, burdening the contractor with the price difference and the administrational charges of (20%) of the cost of executed work, according to the Instructions on Executing the Governmental Contracts No. 1 for 2008.

Addressing Correspondences:

The Address of bidder given to the employer shall be considered, upon obtaining the tender documents, valid for correspondences purposes, within the bidding validity period. The contractor shall inform the Department upon any change in its address. Otherwise, correspondences shall be sent to the address stated in its bid

Accepting Bids:

Tenderer is not bound to the lowest priced bids and is entitled, at its discretion, to accept or reject any bid or postpone or cancel the tender, with no right to the bidder to demand any compensation. The tender documents purchase amount is returned only if it is cancelled.