We email and text (SMS) you Iraqi tender alerts the same day the tenders are published so you’re always ahead of your competitors: 

We offers new services to Our Golden members (free of charge).

By being a Golden member of Tenderat not only you will have access to Iraqi tenders every day but also as Golden member you will enjoy to have full access to our extensive international network of suppliers, services and contacts which will enable you to:-

·        Source new and trustworthy international suppliers for your business/ tenders

·        Carry out tenders/obtain quotations to obtain BEST price/specifications/service level from British and European companies.

·        Ensure EU/USA export compliance and so reduce your business’s exposure to risk

·        Assist the members in meeting all tenders requirements/conditions

·        Assist the members to find the best price quotation from international carries such as DHL with a discount up to 75%.

·        Assist/ Consult members who is facing dispute with their suppliers outside Iraq at any level.

·        Free of charge legal advices and consultations for establishing your company branches in Europe

A golden opportunity to promote your business